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PhoneGap Build API and RestSharp

For many people using phonegap build aside from using their terminal, pgb-cli, or node.js options you may want to write code without using a curl request. I ran into this issue when building an application that directly communicates with the phonegap build api. I struggled to find a solution when uploading a zip file and…
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July 23, 2018 0

Collaboration & Communication

Agile development is probably one of the most popular methodologies used today in the software industry. The collaboration between the business, technical and user allows for rapid development at a lower cost. When working on any project breaking it down to the minimum viable product is key to building an application successfully while also being…
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February 3, 2018 0

Development Process

Many people have ideas for apps but don’t know where to go with them. There are so many options to get them started. Whether you purchase an already built template or hire a developer to write it from scratch, chances are the cost will be hefty. Each option has it’s ups and downs, furthermore without…
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January 21, 2018 0