Collaboration & Communication

Agile development is probably one of the most popular methodologies used today in the software industry. The collaboration between the business, technical and user allows for rapid development at a lower cost. When working on any project breaking it down to the minimum viable product is key to building an application successfully while also being able to quickly accommodate user demands. In doing this you may not get all the features you dream of right out of the box but you eliminate the possibility of developing something that my no longer be popular as the industry demands rapidly change. Getting feedback from the end user is key to adding useful features, which with the agile development process can be delivered to the customer quickly and efficiently. Collaboration and communication is key in agile without that simple thing the process can fall apart.

Development Process

Many people have ideas for apps but don’t know where to go with them. There are so many options to get them started. Whether you purchase an already built template or hire a developer to write it from scratch, chances are the cost will be hefty. Each option has it’s ups and downs, furthermore without any knowledge of the industry it’s difficult to grasp whether you’ve invested too much time and money into something that isn’t exactly what you want. Not only is it important to stay educated on the process but it’s also important to make sure what you’ve requested has been delivered. It’s important to ask the right questions to make sure you get what you’re looking for. Clear requirements from UI/UX to what needs to happen behind the scenes is important to pass along to the developer / team of people working on the application. In addition to that market research is key in validating whether what you’re looking to do is valuable to your business endeavor.

In many cases rushing development and expecting all the features to be complete and bug free is an unrealistic expectation.  One thing to think about is what the minimum viable product would be to get you on track with what you’re looking to accomplish. From there you have a foundation to build off of this in turn will also lower the development cost up front allowing you build your application according to the specifications you’re looking for and keep up with market changes in the process. Being knowledge able about the development process is important even when you’re not a developer. If you don’t know where to start it’s always a great idea to reach out for advice to get you started it will pay off in the end.